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Harnessing Teams for Virtual Command: Best Practices from Industry Leaders | THE TACTICS Meeting Pod

Amergent Techs' Jessica Whipple and Russ Beauchamp join Dan Smiley (Washington State Maritime Cooperative), Howard Zorzi (Washington Department of Ecology), and Mark Curtis (Crowley Maritime) to discuss challenges and best practices for designing, standing up, and effectively using a virtual incident command post (VICP) for drills, exercises, and real-world responses.

"In this dynamic panel podcast episode, host Dan Smiley brings together a stellar lineup of industry professionals from the Washington Department of Ecology, Crowley Maritime, WSMC, and Amergent Techs. They delve into the ins and outs of using Microsoft Teams as a virtual command post for managing complex operations and streamlining communication across organizations. Tune in as the experts Jessica Whipple, Russ Beauchamp, Mark Curtis, and Howard Zorzi share valuable insights on leveraging Teams to effectively coordinate tasks, make swift decisions, and stay connected with remote teams. Discover best practices for setting up an efficient virtual command center, utilizing channels and apps, maintaining security and compliance, and fostering a collaborative environment. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from top professionals as they reveal real-world examples and battle-tested strategies." -The Tactics Meeting podcast

Watch the full episode below:


What have your top 3 biggest challenges been with designing and/or using a virtual incident command post (VICP)?

  • Documentation (i.e. version control, filing system, routing)

  • Maintaining a virtual SitStat Board

  • Routing documents to obtain legal virtual signatures

  • Access Control (i.e. onboarding, permissions)

You can vote for more than one answer.


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