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Special Projects

Work With Experts

Over the years, Amergent Techs has been hired to carry out specialized projects for a variety of clients. Our more recent and current projects are as follows:


Security Plans:

  • Homeland Security Strategic Plan for Port of San Diego

Development and implementation of new technologies:

  • ​Use of Transient Plasma as an emission abatement technology for marine diesel engines, as seen in the top left picture courtesy of TCC Group and USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

  • Use of web-based communications, collaboration, and data Ocular Go Kits and App used by emergency responders.​


Liquefied Natural Gas terminals:

  • Planning, design, and implementation

Feasibility Studies:

  • Vessel Traffic Management System

  • Waterway Suitability


Research and assessment of the proper application of regulations.

  • Vessel conversions

  • Incident and accident investigations

Job Hazard Analysis for:

  • Fireworks and hazardous materials

  • Lashing platforms on container vessels

  • Use of Caustic Soda in scrubber systems

  • Safe handling of LNG carried in ISO containers.

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