• Jessica Whipple

Lunch & Learn Recap: NIST Cybersecurity Framework Part Four: Respond

Last week we dove into Part Four of our series that explores and explains the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and how it applies to future USCG regulations that affect your business.

We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to jump on the call. Our goal is to educate and prepare you for future regulatory implementations so that you feel knowledgeable and ready when the roll-out occurs.

Per attendee request, we have attached a PDF of the presentation as well as the USCG Facility Inspector Cyber Job Aid.

If you have any questions or suggestions at all, please email Russ Beauchamp at rbeauchamp@amergenttechs.com.

Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation:

AT Lunch and Learn 2020AUG27
Download PPTX • 1.58MB

Here is a link to the USCG Facility Inspector Cyber Job Aid:

USCG Facility Inspector Cyber Job Aid
Download PD • 1.04MB

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